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Refund Policy : Terms & Conditions

General Terms applicable for all programs - Dual Degree Study Vocational Program for Germany, Registered Nurse program for Germany,Japan and UK.

  1. The candidate will not be entitled to or eligible for any refund of the fee paid by him if he/she leaves the program due to any reason at any moment. The candidate is liable to pay the full fee before a specified milestone commences.
  2. The candidate will not be entitled to or eligible for any refund of the fee paid by him if the documents submitted are found to be forged and/or incomplete.
  3. The candidate will not be entitled to or eligible for any refund of the fee paid by him if he/she avails the services and is not willing to apply for a course/job in a foreign country.
  4. The candidate will not be entitled or eligible for any refund of the fee paid by him if, after the completion of foreign language and cultural training, he /she does not clear the required foreign language exam.
  5. No refund of fees will be given if the candidate is expelled from the classes due to reasons of misbehavior, indiscipline etc and the candidate is asked to leave.
  6. Any third-party expenses such as exam fees to the apex exam conducting body, third-party document translation, insurance, visa charges, admission fees to the institute, and flight tickets to the institute are EXCLUDED from the total fees payable to Genrise Global Staffing Private Limited. Candidates understand these charges are independent of the scope of services and must be paid by them directly to the third party. These expenses are variable in nature and subject to change depending upon the external agency policies from time to time. 
  7. GENRISE GLOBAL STAFFING reserves the right to change the fee for any program as deemed fit at any time. The fee applicable at the time of payment of the Registration Amount by the candidate will be levied. 
  8. Genrise Global Staffing shall not be liable for failures to fulfill its duties in situations beyond its control, such as a force majeure, pandemics such as COVID 19 and/or similar events, strikes, changes in Indian or foreign country laws. In case of such an event, the proportionate fees shall be refunded to the candidate for the services not provided at the time of refund.

Specific Refund rules for Registered Nurse Program for Germany/Japan/UK

These are in addition to the above terms and conditions.

  1. Candidates can appear in the initial screening post submission of registration fees. 
  2. In case a candidate is not shortlisted in the screening, 50% of the registration fees will be refunded. 
  3. The policy of refunding the registration fees can be changed or modified by the First Party as deemed fit. However, the fee will not be refunded in the following circumstances:
  4. No refund of registration fees if the candidate is shortlisted and not willing to pursue the program further.
  5.  No refund of the fee if the documents submitted are forged or incomplete.
  6. No refund will be applicable if a candidate does not get a visa due to any including but not limited to criminal background / medical condition / incomplete documents / non-availability of passport etc.
  7. After completion of language and cultural training, if the candidate does not clear the desired/requisite language proficiency level, the First Party would not be liable for the further progression of the candidate in the program, & also no fee would be refunded to the candidate
  8. However, the candidate will be entitled to full refund of the fee paid by him/her towards the Language Training except the GST component once the visa is stamped on his / her passport and subsequently he/she reports to the work in his / her organization in the specified country.
  9. The refund in such a case will be processed in the bank account of the candidate within 90 days of the date of refund application by the candidate duly submitted with all required documents. The refund will not be processed till the time all requisite documents as applicable are submitted by the candidate.
  10. This refund policy is applicable only for enrolments done under direct Retail business (B2C-Business to Consumer). This policy is not applicable for any enrolments under any government project, institutional business or through any other channels (B2G,B2B,B2I) and the same will be governed under specific agreements signed with them.